Finnish scuzz rockers Hard Action released a snarling beat of a debut a couple of years ago in the shape of the excellent Sinister Vibes. Now, they return a little older, a little more wise, and with a much smoother sound that might, just might, enable them to crossover into the mainstream rock market with a little bit of luck.

Of course, they might not want to, but there’s a definite radio-friendly air about guitar anthems like Running Start that could easily find it’s way into the record collections of the sort of people who think the Foo Fighters are heavy metal.

This of course, might be a blessing or a curse; certainly people attracted to the grit and filth of the debut will spend much of this record wondering where it went, but the sheer class of the material on offer here should be more than enough compensation.

The thunderous Tied Down bear all the hallmarks of classic Hellacopters, from its drama-laded intro through the classic Scand-rock vocals of Gyntsä to his squalling axe histrionics with six string compadre Ville. The solos at the end of the song are truly hair-raisng. It’s all here, then, as you’d like it to be, and the band play their part to the hilt in continuing the sonic legacy of that storied band.

Knocked Down, Dragged out will have existing fans out of their seats, being the sort of bruising rocker we all want to hear… and sounding not a million miles away from late, lamented Aussie rockers the Hell City Glamours, which is always a plus point in our books.

So, swings and roundabouts, but the pluses definitely outweigh the minuses – if you love low-slung, tight-trousered and probably drunk rock n’roll, then you’ll certainly enjoy plenty of what’s on offer from Hard Action.

Hot Wired Beat will be released by Svart Records on December 1st.