Classic metal group Heavy Generation,  who hail from the Italian town of Varese, have this week announced their signing to record label Sliptrick Records!

Heavy Generation is a heavy metal band formed in 2015 by Marco Marchioni (bass) and Marco Stefani (drums). In 2016, after several line up changes, Fabio Cavestro (guitars) and Ivan Giannini (voice) joined the band. With them, Heavy Generation reached a balance that gave the band the cool heavy sound they were looking for; hard and epic, with a desire to return to the roots of true heavy metal.

Heavy Generation want to spread their own personal message through their songs. They deal with several themes: mythology, honour, war and dystopia, the deep connection between spirit and nature, the denial of a corrupted society and the balance between the passion of the heart and the power of the mind. To help achieve this vision, the band members perform on stage as four road warriors, with costumes and scenography freely inspired by a post-apocalyptic scenario.

In 2017, the recording sessions took place for the bands debut album The Spirit Lives On and toward the end of the year, the video Fire, Steel, Metal was filmed, directed and edited by Violex Video. It’s taken from the upcoming album and tells a story of how to defeat your own demons and change your destiny by the power of the will… and, of course, through heavy metal. You can watch the video for the track below!

The Spirit Lives On is set to be released via Sliptrick Records later in the year.

Heavy Generation are:
Ivan Giannini – Vocals
Fabio Cavestro – Guitars
Marco Marchioni – Bass
Marco Stefani – Drums

Heavy Generation are reborn in the fire of Heavy Fuckin’ Metal . . . They are ready to bring their metal all over the world . . . are you with them?