Featuring fourteen tracks, this is a collection of songs chosen from the band’s three albums re-released in November 2019 on Burnt Out Wreckords. The songs reflect Heavy Pettin at their best … including the singles that charted at the time: Love Times Love, In And Out of Love and Rock Me.

The cover is a previously unseen photo by David Plastik taken at the Louder Sound festival in France in 1984. Other unseen photos of the band have been used to showcase HP at their prime.

Heavy Pettin
The Best of Heavy Pettin album features liner notes from Ross Muir of FabricationsHQ.

Gary Moat, the drummer, has gone on to front his own band, Burnt Out Wreck, and has two records out in his own right. (Two other original members of the band, Gordon Bonnar and Steve ‘Haymie’ Hayman, continue to tour and record as Heavy Pettin – Ed).

Hard rocking Scottish band Heavy Pettin (named after UFO‘s 1976 studio album), was formed in Glasgow in 1981 when guitarist Gordon Bonnar, drummer Gary Moat, bassist Brian Waugh, vocalist Steve ‘Hamie’ Hayman and lead guitarist Punky Mendoza joined forces to give the biggest and best rock bands at the time a serious run for their money.

Heavy Pettin gigged extensively before releasing their debut single, 1982’s Roll the Dice on Neat Records. This was good enough to catch the eye of Polydor Records who soon extended a major-label deal to the band then, with Queen guitarist Brian May on board as co-producer along with Reinhold Mack, the group recorded their 1983 debut LP, the classic Lettin Loose. Opening slots supporting the likes of Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake followed, leading to the release of the band’s 2nd studio release, 1985’s Rock Ain’t Dead. The group dissolved in early 1988 with their third and final album was issued the following year under the title The Big Bang.

Best Of Track List:
In And Out Of Love
Sole Survivor
Born To Burn
Love Times Love
Lonely People
Devil In Her Eyes
Two Hearts
China Boy
Don’t Call It Love
Rock Me
Throw A Party
Rock Ain’t Dead
Hell Is Beautiful


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