Sydney rockers Hell City Glamours may have long since joined the choir invisible, but here at Sentinel Daily their spirit lives on and we’re highly excited to report that the band have seen fit to release their fabulous debut – released, it’s staggering to relate, a full decade ago now – on audiophile-friendly vinyl via their Bandcamp page!

Not heard the band? Here’s what Sentinel Daily editor Scott Adams said about the band when that self-titled colussus first poked it’s head above the parapet:

“Rock and roll. It’s easy to forget how invigorating the genre can be, especially if you listen to the bilge being pumped out by commercial radio in this city. But every now and then something is introduced to your ears that makes you sit up and listen, something that makes you stop whatever it was you were doing and just immerse yourself; something that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end at the sheer wonder and majesty of what you’re hearing, This doesn’t happen very often, but just such a release is this, the debut offering from Sydney’s Hell City Glamours. Put simply, this album encapsulates why we love this bloody malarky so much. Without ever resorting to downright plagiary, these boys take the ruffled beauty of prime-time seventies Stones as their starting point, strain that through Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses filters and then fuse the result with a punk sensibility (and we’re talking the Dolls here rather than any snot-nose safety-pinned buffoonery) to provide a frankly stunning aural assault that is unequivocally rock and roll. You’ll love it”

He was right, of course, and if you need more encouragement to get yer wallet out here’s what he said after being exposed to the boys live at the launch show for this momentous audio document:

” By the time the Hell City Glamours vacate the stage at about five past one in the morning, the Basement resembles the Cantina at Mos Eisley Spaceport. Wild eyed youths are lurching around the venue, strides at half mast, all bearing a slack jawed grin after one of the finest expositions of hard rock they’re likely to have witnessed all year… HCG really are the business, brothers and sisters, and its up to you, me, us – all of us – to spread the joyous word amongst the naysayers and unbelievers. As my old sparring partner Frank Davies might have had it as we lay in the gutter outside a Camden Town pub at the height of Britpop one sticky summer night – This is Rock n’Roll…”

It was indeed. And it sill could be – click on the link today to make that purchase!