Whilst there’s no doubt that much of this splendid four track EP will be too ‘indie’ in sound for many Sentinel Daily readers, it’s worthy of note because the man behind the very excellent BeastmilkJohan ‘Goatspeed’ Snell – is also the man responsible for Hello Black Hole. And if you had a soft spot for Beastmilk, there’s a fair chance you’ll enjoy this too.

Hello Black Hole aren’t so resolutely ‘trenchcoat’ in outlook as Beastmilk, though there is undeniably a streak of gothic miserablism running through everything they do. Opening track Tight Rope Tightens contains the most ‘milky goodness, with the other three tracks taking in influences as disparate as The Stone Roses and The Pixies (Five Hundred Rocks to Throw, the best track on the disc, could easily have come from the Surfer Rosa sessions) along the way; If you always need at least a modicum of screaming and shredding to get by you’d do well to avoid this; But anyone else is strongly encourages to give Hello Black Hole a spin.