Riotous. It’s the only word to describe this demo from US noisemakers Hexenslaught. Fittingly to be released on tape only, it’s a trip back in time to the pivotal point in metal history where thrash metal mutated into death metal, and, appalling production values aside, this is the most fun you’ll have in a sixteen minute duration this year if that time of music’s evolution is as dear to your heart as it clearly is to these blokes.

Opener Hellmouth is pure Slayer; Second track Altar of Death sounds like, um, Slayer in a wind tunnel recorded through a selection of blankets, whilst third track – and by far the strongest here – Devil’s Lust brings to mind Slayer circa Hell Awaits with less technical drumming. The EP rounds out with another stormer in the form of the Slayeresque Bleed For Satan, which rounds things out in tremendously ripping style.

If I sound a bit flippant I don’t mean to be, because this really is killer stuff. Seriously, if you love Morbid Angel before they went mad there’s nothing here you won’t lap up – grab a copy today and thrash ‘til death

Demo I will be released by Invictus Productions on August 22nd