Melbourne power metallers Horizons Edge are putting the finishing touches on their new studio album due for release later this year. Album number three from the band is the follow up to their well received 2015 opus, Heavenly Realms.

Frontwoman Kat Sproule is flying to Germany in early April to lay down her vocal tracks. The vocals will be produced by Ralf Scheepers, singer for the legendary Teutonic acts Primal Fear and (formerly) Gamma Ray

The overall album is being produced by Bob Katsionis of Firewind and Serious Black.

Kat comments: ‘We’re excited to be working with Bob and Ralf on our next album. We really wanted to step it up with this recording so we’re working with these guys to help push us and really improve our sound as a band. I’m really looking forward to going to Germany and spending a couple of weeks in the studio with Ralf, he’s such a great vocalist and it will be nice to work with someone who really knows what he’s doing and can help me reach my full potential.’

Expect Album artwork and further details on the release soon!

Have a look at the band in action on their clip Vagabond here