Four tracks, eleven minutes and twenty seconds; That’s all you get on the new EP from Norwegian duo Hot Nuns, but it’s more than enough to have you baying for more and waiting for their next foray into sonic exploration with bated breath.

They may be a duo, and they may utilise only bass and drums, but somehow Sigurd Haakaast (d/v) and Yngve Andersen (b/v) manage to whip up a delirious power pop/punk sound that’ll transport you back to the late seventies/early eighties within seconds of the opening notes of Can’t Get Over You hitting your ears. The three original songs included will whip up names like The Lurkers, Dead Boys and those early Hüsker Dü songs sung by Grant Hart, whilst the cover of The BoysFirst Time lets you know where these guys see themselves coming from. Kid Reid would be proud!

The lads close with the title track which is a little more modern sounding (though not much – I could easily see Therapy? recording this in their heyday), but it doesn’t do much to spoil the retro feel of the album.

This is stripped-down, straight-to-the-gut rock n’roll, and it’s an essential buy for anyone who considers themselves to be a connoiseur of the good stuff. Can’t wait to hear a full album of this stuff!

Rude, Dumb & Anxious is out on May 15th.