Welcome to Sentinel Daily, Skarlett! Thanks for taking the time to answer these question… Looking forward to getting back out on the road? “Yeah! We canʼt wait. Being on the road touring is what we are all about, thereʼs no better feeling then playing your music onstage every night to your fans”

Skarlett Riot are already pretty seasoned road dogs – can you remember much about your first ‘properʼ? tour? “Iʼd count our first proper tour as the Heavenʼs Basement support tour in 2013. It was a pretty heavy tour for us, our longest on the road at one time. I think we were out for around three weeks in the summer. We were still learning back then, finding our sound and getting experience touring. It was an amazing experience, I still count it as a highlight now. We went around in a small ex-post office van with no air conditioning (laughs). We learned a lot from that tour”.

I should imagine you did! Those boys knew how to enjoy themselves! What would you say are the key ingredients for a top-drawer Skarlett Riot show? “High Energy, sing along choruses, head banging, and lots of screaming!”

Seems reasonable! What would a dream rider be for each member of the band? “(laughs) without asking them Iʼm not certain, but for me Iʼd happily take some vocal zone and vocal teas for a healthy voice, some pink gin and lemonade to be naughty and I do love a good pizza but I have to be careful on the road what I eat to keep my voice in
good condition. My voice says vegetables and fruit, my stomach tells me pizza… Oh and some hair dye!”

All the essentials! That’s the dream, but what about the reality? Do bands get well treated by venues and promoters these days? “Iʼd say we are pretty well looked after at shows. We get beer and water, sometimes a rider of food, other times we get a buy out to get what we like. Normally everyoneʼs helpful and looking out for one another. For me , If I have some snacks, water and a kettle, a mirror, Iʼm happy (more laughter)!”

Whatʼs the best thing about touring? “Playing live to your fans every night, doing what you love on a daily basis. You escape reality on tour, I could get used to that sort of lifestyle”.

I think we all could! And the worst? “Sharing a van with three smelly boys”.

Ah yes. That can be quite a downside. Especially if those buy outs you mentioned happy to be curries! Aside from your tools of the trade, and obviously some sort of nosegay, what other one item do you find essential for tour purposes? “My phone has all my vocal exercises on so my phone and charger are essential to me when touring! I also take vocal zone capsules and herbal vocal teas to keep my voice in good shape so theyʼre important to me!”

And what about a luxury – something you shouldnʼt take but always seem to find in your kit once youʼre on the road? “(laughs again) For comfort I always take a cuddly teddy for helping me sleep at night, but shush donʼt tell anyone”…

Your secret is safe with us… Hereʼs your one chance to spruik the upcoming tour to the readers of Sentinel
Daily – whatʼs in store for them if they decide to come and say hello? “Weʼre all about an energetic performance. Expect a night of high energy, head banging and a lot of fun. We like to make sure everyone goes away with a smile
on their face no matter what sort of day theyʼve had! Weʼll be at the merchandise stand after weʼve played so anyone who wants to meet us will get the chance to there!”

Thanks for taking part!

British readers can see Skarlett Riot on tour in support of Sumo Cyco on the following dates this month:

14/03/18 – Chester, ENG – The Live Rooms
15/03/18 – Wolverton, ENG – The Craufurd Rooms
16/03/18 – Sheffield, ENG – Corporation
19/03/18 – Newcastle, ENG – Think Tank?
20/03/18 – Glasgow, SCO – Audio
21/03/18 – Manchester, ENG – Rebellion
23/03/18 – Bridgewater, ENG = Cobblestones
24/03/18 – Birmingham, ENG – Asylum 2
25/03/18 – Bournemouth, ENG – The Anvil
26/03/18 – London, ENG – Boston Music Room
27/03/18 – Southampton, ENG – Talking Heads