Long running Novocastrian power metal band Ilium have been plying their craft for over twenty years… Forming from the ashes of Oracle in 1998, the band have built a solid global fan base and amassed a long list of fantastic reviews.

The band’s creative force and mainstays, Jason Hodges and Adam Smith have once again recruited with Aussie metal scene notables Lord Tim and Tim Yatras on vocals and drums respectively to record both a new EP and their seventh full length album.

The EP and Album are available to Pre-Order now via their Bandcamp page with funds directly contributing back to the recording of the releases.

The EP, Enviro-Metal brings attention to the plight of Earth’s endangered species, a subject very close to Jason Hodges who is a wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator in Australia.

The full length Carcinogeist expands on the EP’s premise and the general lyrical nature of Ilium’s catalogue, with songs based on original dark sci-fi/horror themes, whilst others address issues such as social inequality, the environment, and the human condition.

Musically the band is a melting pot of power metal, traditional metal, progressive, symphonic, thrash and speed metal, with a strong emphasis on melody and drama. Ilium’s pre-order campaign offers not only the Album and EP but also brand new merch designs and the option of having yourself be painted into one of the bands future artworks!

Fans can also donate to Jason’s fundraiser which will greatly assist him with his wildlife work. The more pre-orders the band receive, the sooner the music can be recorded and delivered!

Enviro-Metal and Carcinogeist will be released during 2019…

Ilium introduced itself to the world via their 2002 self titled debut EP and quickly followed it up with their first full length, Sirens Of The Styx in 2003.

Renowned producer, guitarist and vocalist, Lord Tim (ex Dungeon and currently of Wollongong powerhouse, Lord) became the bands vocalist for their next release, 2005’s Permian Dusk which blew the international heavy music press away, scoring 9.5/10 from Germany’s Rock Hard and similar praise elsewhere.

Vespertilion, followed in 2007 which featured the legendary Tim Yatras on drums.

Ilium then recruited former Riot and Masterplan vocalists Mike DiMeo for the next two albums, Ageless Decay (2009) and Genetic Memory (2011) In 2015, they released My Misanthropia featuring the vocal talents of Nightmare Records CEO Lance King (Balance of Power, Avian etc). My Misanthropia was also released with an EP titled Wendigo, which featured a metalized version of the Bee GeesTragedy among others.

In 2017, Ilium once again enlisted Lord Tim to sing on a completely rewritten version of their debut album which came out as Sirens Of The Styx: Re-Styxed.

The release also featured a new song called Ode Of The Transdimensional Puppeteer and was considered by many to be their best effort yet….