The Australian Capital Territory has produced its fair share of world class metal over the last few decades and Immorium are poised to wear that crown next.

The sound of Australian melodic death metal at its finest, incorporating the likes of Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, and Insomnium into their sophisticated sound, Immorium are set to release their third album, Rose Water Black, on July 21.

The release will be followed up but their first ever Australian tour this August.

Forming in 2011 and with an EP and two previous albums to their credit, Immorium have established themselves as one of the leading lights of progressive and melodic death metal. Not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves, the band emanates an emotional rawness via skyscraper harmonies and enormous musical roller coasters that are further encapsulated in their lyrics.

Rose Water Black is their most adventurous and intimate release to date. An emotional journey through illness, loss, heartache and love. It’s dark, brooding melodic death metal that demands the listeners attention from the moment they hit play.

The first taste of Rose Water Black comes via the just-released track Withering, which delves deeply into a personal health issue which has directly impacted the band. As they comment “Lung disease led to this song coming together. Having no control over ones’ internal collapse and being in the backseat of your own life.”

With its acoustic sensitivity, heart wrenching tension, piano interludes and ferocious pain, Withering is an absolute journey from start to finish.

Listen to the most powerful and reflective five minutes and forty six seconds you will hear all year here!