Melbourne based guitarist Tommy Vučur was a founder member of prog metal powerhouse Vanishing Point, appearing on all the band’s albums up to 2007’s The Fourth Season; now he’s returned with a new project, Dear Instinct, in tandem with a fellow VP alumnus, Jake Lowe, with the band releasing it’s first music, a track entitled Hole In The Sun, into the wild last month. So it seemed like a good time to have a quick chat with Tommy to find out more…

When did the band form? “It started off as a project between Jake Lowe and myself, after we left Vanishing Point ten years ago… That may Seem like a long time, but the timing is right for us now. Finding the right people is not easy in this industry. We have a lot of songs to release!”

How would you describe your sound to somebody new to Dear Instinct? “Our style is hard to pinpoint… you’ll hear many genres in our music. from rock to ambient piano with cellos, synth songs, Floydish songs, Peter Gabriel… People listen to a lot of styles today… finally !”

Have you got a full lineup, or is it just you and Jake? And when can we expect to hear more music? “It’s Jake Lowe on piano and synths, Myself on guitars. And we have Leigh Fisher on drums and the bass player we’ll announce soon. The plan is to release a song a month all year… then package it up into a full length Album. Times are different now”.

Indeed they are. And, plague circumstances permitting, can we expect to see any live shows from you? “Live shows are always on our minds… but we need to release songs this year”.

Anything else you’d like to tell the readers of Sentinel Daily? “Hole In The Sun was written at two in the morning nine years ago… Life will surprise you, good or bad. and it doesn’t keep time!
Music is timeless and doesn’t matter when you write them….”