Hello and welcome to Sentinel Daily – it’s good to have you on board… For the benefit of our readers, please tell us who you are, and what do you do in Jiva Sakti? “Hi Scott, I’m Huwy and I’m the English drummer for American Alt. metal band Jiva Sakti”.

Thank you. Now to more important questions… Why should Sentinel Daily readers be excited by what you are cooking up in Jiva Sakti? “I’m not sure they should be (laughs),we’re way too new of a band. We’re just bringing our mix of nu/alt/grunge to the masses with a positive, almost spiritual twist on everything… get excited about Nomad,The Painted Man, he’s quite the character and a brilliant singer/showman”.

Okay, so tell us a bit about him and the other guys in the band. “Nomad is our singer, he’s from the Bronx in New York and was pretty much a rap/rock innovator with a band called Blind Justice. He later went on to form nu metal band Gargantua Soul with current members of Dead By Wednesday and Dry Kill Logic. They played a lot of shows including Woodstock ’99 and shows with Rage Against The Machine, Papa Roach, Sevendust et cetera. They really should have been huge. He paints himself head to toe, hence, The Painted Man. He is a world class front man, MMA and yoga expert. Jeremy Campbell is our guitarist; he’s a monster riff machine from Indiana. The bass on the forthcoming EP and current single/video was handled by our producer The Human who is the guitarist with Shock industrial/nu metal band Amerakin Overdose. We’re all in Portland, Oregon. We have a bassist coming in from the East Coast but this whole covid thing has set back his arrival”.

Bloody COVID… you mentioned an EP – Would you care to tell us a little bit about it? “The new EP is our debut. Six songs of our take on the alt/nu/grunge backgrounds that we all have. I mentioned above who produced and laid bass down on it. It’s all very positive and spiritually charged as we are all very spiritual people, empaths and lightworkers. We believe in the power of the universe and the energy that connects us, music and the universe together”.

We’ve already mentioned the Pandemic in passing; There’s no denying that you are trying to launch a new band in incredibly trying times… What’s your strategy for keeping in the public’s eye until you can get in public’s faces? “We have a great distribution deal which borders on management so we have easy access to every platform. The current video You Are The Light has already surpassed five hundred thousand views on Facebook and we have the second single and video, I Music, due for release in September and then the EP will follow in October. We’re hoping to do videos for all six songs as touring as definitely out at the moment so we’ll concentrate on building our brand for now”.

That sounds like a pretty solid plan.  Anything else we need to know? “I’m pretty sure I’ve covered everything to be honest. There’s other stuff happening for us that I cant talk about right now but in good time will be made public”.

We look forward to the reveal! Good luck with it all and thanks for the chat!