Hamburg based power metal band Iron Savior was facing a problem: what to do when your early albums are not available regularly anymore but a re-issue is not possible due to legal reasons? Well, the decision was made to use this situation to give the material a sonic upgrade.

“We can’t re-release our albums from the Noise Records years in their initial form”, band boss Piet Sielck says, “but we are free to re-record songs from these albums. We’ve approached this opportunity with a lot of enthusiasm”.

What Sielck refers to became a nineteen-track strong double album now titled Reforged – Riding On Fire, which consists of the best and most popular songs the band  recorded during their tenure with Noise records from 1997 to 2004. These 2017 re-recordings come with a much more powerful sound of course, but the band managed the task to keep the songs’ character and feel.

Demand is steadily rising: especially after the band’s latest album Titancraft (2016), which became the biggest chart success in their history, new fans wanted to discover the band’s back catalogue. They’ll now get the best nineteen tracks with an upgraded sound – of course mixed by Piet Sielck. Reforged – Riding On Fire is a highly enjoyable treat for old and new fans alike.

Disc 1
Riding on Fire (First heard on 1997’s Iron Savior)
Battering Ram (From 2004’s Battering Ram)
Brave New World (Iron Savior)
Prisoner of the Void (From 1999’s Unification)
Titans of our Time (First heard on 2002’s Condition Red)
Eye to Eye (Unification)
For the World (Iron Savior)
Mindfeeder (Condition Red)
Watcher in the Sky (Iron Savior)
Mind over Matter (Unification)
Disc 2
Warrior (Condition Red)
Iron Savior (Iron Savior)
Tales of the Bold (Condition Red)
No Heroes (Condition Red)
Break the Curse (Battering Ram)
Condition Red (Condition Red)
Protector (Condition Red)
I’ve Been to Hell (From 2001’s Dark Assault)
Atlantis Falling (Iron Savior)

AFM Records will release Reforged – Riding on Fire on December 8th.