Young Canadian duo Jupiter HollowGrant Mackenzie is twenty one, whilst his colleague Kenny Perry is just 18 – are about to release a new five track EP, Odyssey, and on the face of this all-too-brief first contact I’d venture to suggest that it ain’t gonna be the first and last time we’re hearing them.

Prog rock and metal are probably the genre you’d fit them into most easily, but there’s so much to absorb on this EP musically it’s hard to say where the band will settle eventually. First track on offer Deep in Space and the closing title track will probably be the easiest for old heads like me to digest, sounding like the sort of thing Rush might put out in 2016 if they were just starting out on their journey; however a probably better pointer to what the band is all about is the staggeringly mature and stunningly executed Over 50 Years, wherein the band make a whistlestop tour around modern metal, cramming in sounds from just about everywhere in their compact, bijou magnum opus. Dissonant riffage, death metal vocals, soaring crescendos, they all feature, and, with a full album mooted for later in the year I’m looking forward to tracking how these boys progress. Tidy stuff indeed.

Odyssey is released on January 14th