Highly compelling multi-instrumentalist, looper and international live musician Kat has again teamed up with seasoned rock singer-songwriter and full-time touring musician Mark Haze for a power Indie-Alt-Electro-Rock Extravaganza called In The Sun – And you can watch the clip for the track below!

Kat shares that “this song truly reflects my original music taste and influences. The story of the song came to me in a dream, it’s essentially about sacrificing everything you have to save the person that you love. Even if that means your life. I tried to create a sense of urgency begging the person to save themselves first. I love the guitar parts in this song but mixed with the electronic drums I think it really reflects me and what I do well. This is one of the most fun songs to perform live as it requires a tonne of emotion and performance. It’s a real release pouring out all your emotions on stage, and that’s what I get to experience when I perform this song.”

Recognised globally for her energetically dynamic performances, which comprises a little bit of everything for all ages to enjoy, Kat is an irresistible creative who skilfully fuses blues, rock, pop, jazz and electronica in her own incomparable way. Kat was born into the performing arts world from a young age and this is where her love for being on stage and entertaining audiences began. After performing live all over the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa as a professional rock artist and bassist, Kat’s live shows present an extensive assortment of her musical influences and always-evolving skillset.

Mark Haze is known for his wide vocal range and electric large live performances. Mark skilfully delivers a signature combination of high energy rock n’roll and silky old-school soul, fused with raw emotional blues … guaranteed to have audiences singing along on their feet! He says “I believe to really love music, is to find the beauty in all forms and genres and embrace it”.