The music of Aussie thrashgrind collective King Parrot basically defies something as inflexible as the traditional music review. Though these boys can demonstrably handle themselves musically, nothing they do is in any way tailored for comment by old bores like me in the written medium.

So when Sentinel Daily’s benevolent dictator Scott Adams told me my next mission, should I choose to undertake it, would be a criticism of Ugly Produce, I sat looking blank faced at the far wall of my Peckham headquarters’ living room, occasionally sighing but doing little else. How to encapsulate the pure, visceral filth of a King Parrot album in mere words?

You can’t of course. The whole thing is a bloody, pus-encrusted triumph from start to finish, and every song in and of itself is a brand spanking new grind classic. Whether you can take them all at once, one after another, is really a matter for you and your ears, but taken individually anarchic anthems like Piss Wreck, Disgrace Yourself and the utterly foaming-at-the-mouth Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag are, kilo for kilo, among the best in their particular show in this or any other year.

Scattered sounds familiar, a well know melody sodomised by the band for its own questionable purposes and disfigured so badly I just can’t figure out from whence it comes, and the closing triumvirate of Numb Skull, Die Before You Die and Spookin’ the Animals will leave you shaken and shivering – possibly naked – in the corner of your listening area, finger hovering tremblingly over your phone keypad whilst you summon up the courage to call for assistance.

When the album finishes you’ll probably be glad of a few seconds respite, but bugger me if that same trembling finger ain’t reaching to press the play button again once you’ve collected your dignity and donned some clean underwear. Like a say, a bloody, pus-encrusted triumph. Well done, Australian blokes…

King Parrot will release Dirty Produce via various labels on September 22nd.