Zaragoza-based metallians Knightsune have this month released their debut album, after releasing a raft of demo recordings over the past couple of years.

The band make no bones about their love of heavy metal in it’s purest form, and they set about reaffirming that affection over the course of all ten of the tracks that make up their self-titled effort.

The centre of the band’s sound is the guitar partnership of  Víctor V. Gairhald and Diego “Alas” Alastruey, who attack tunes like Yesterday Again (probably the standout track on the album for me) with gusto and a keen understanding for the dynamics and technique that go to make up excellent, anthemic heavy metal. There are plenty of memorable moments from both players throughout the album, but their interplay on this track is particularly earcatching.

Blind Guardian, Helloween and Iron Maiden are obvious influences, though at this point vocalist Víctor “Kendoru” Alcalá doesn’t quite cut through in the studio with the power and clarity of a Dickinson, Deris or Kürsch. But that’s probably a confidence thing rather than a deficiency in talent; as he grows into the role with more experience, he’ll develop a clearer sense of his own voice and become a vital cog in the Knightsune machine, of that I have no doubt. He takes on the balladic Me – and ballads are always a crucible for metal vocalists – and comes out of the other side relatively unscathed, for instance, so it’s not all doom and gloom!

Three years since forming this is a band that is clearly searching for it’s place in the metal landscape; however there are enough encouraging signs here to suggest that it won’t be long before they are ready to take their place at the top table of Spanish heavy metal. I look forward to hearing the album that takes them there!

Knightsune is out now.