Bone-crushing Calgary four-piece Krepitus are challenging the relationship between death and thrash metal with their trademark downtrodden technical riffs and fierce aggressive vocals. They have been constantly playing with opposing elements and creating a stable compound of death-fused thrash since their beginnings in 2013.

Set to unleash their debut album The Eyes of The Soulless on November 25th, 2016, the band is offering a FREE download of their release’s title track at the following link:

plus you can stream the track on Youtube at

Krepitus is comprised of Teran Wyer performing double duty on guitar and vocals; a tortured soul bound to his music. Matt Van Wezel is the second sniper, hitting each guitar note with precision and complementing the already harmonious riffs. Curtis Beardy pulls the tone down to the depths of hell with his steady hand and low register bass riffs. Finally, Harley “Rage” D’orazio kicks everything into overdrive possessed by grinding rhythms and accenting every solo on his drum kit.

Each member stands like a pillar; strong and sure in their own sound, but all standing to support the structure that is Krepitus.

The Eyes of the Soulless Tracklisting:
The Decree of Theodoseus (6:46)
Apex Predator (3:28)
Exile (7:48)
Sharpen the Blade (5:33)
Eyes of the Soulless (6:16)
Desolate Isolation (5:39)
Erroneous (4:55)
My Desdemona (6:04)