Prog metal titan Kristoffer Gildenlöw has announced that his new album Let Me Be A Ghost is to be released through New Joke Music on 3rd September 2021. This is, foremost, Kristoffer’s darkest musical journey in his artistic realm, as this album is not for the fainthearted as it is confronting and revealing of our own shortcomings. With painterly soundscapes, dynamics, contrasts and his signature storytelling, Kristoffer takes us to the deepest, most eerie places of the mind. These are stories about giving up or carrying on, falling down or standing strong. About choices on the edge of life and death, and about the ghosts who roam both realms.

Let Me Be A Ghost is the fourth solo album by Kristoffer Gildenlöw, following RUST (2012), The Rain (2016) and Homebound (2020).

Kristoffer was born and raised in Sweden but lives in The Netherlands since 2003, where he currently plays in the iconic Dutch symphonic rock band Kayak. He started playing the piano at the age of seven and started playing bass at the age of fourteen. However Kristoffer is a multi-instrumentalist with bass guitar as his main instrument.

In 1994, at the age of sixteen, Kristoffer was asked to join his brother (Daniel‘s) band Pain of Salvation and in 1997 the debut album Entropia was released. Pain of Salvation rose to become one of the most respected bands in the progressive rock/metal genre and is still one of the most proclaimed ones in the scene. Kristoffer is part of the early legacy of Pain of Salvation, including their first six studio albums and the live BE album/DVD and the much-praised album Remedy Lane.

In 2006, Kristoffer parted ways with the band and in the years that followed he was frequently asked to lend his signature playing skills to various artists as a session bass player – live and in the studio. he has his name on more than fifty releases and has toured the world with some of the bigger names out there – Neal Morse, Lana Lane, Damian Wilson, Mr. Fastfinger, Ian Parry, The Shadow Theory, For All We Know, Dark Suns and Omnia, to name a few.

Being active as a musician for more than twenty five years, Kristoffer also felt inspired to make his own solo albums, not only to have total freedom as a bass player but also as a songwriter, vocalist, instrumentalist, producer and engineer.

In his own music, we can hear parts of artists and bands that have influenced him musically over the years. And there lies the dynamic range of his music. From the more singer/songwriterly approach (Leonard Cohen, The White Buffalo) to multi-layered symphonic rock (Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Roger Waters, David Sylvian, Blackfield). And it’s fans of these bands and artists that will probably take liking in the music to be found on the new album.

Track list:
Let Me Be A Ghost pt. I
The Wind
Blame It All On Me
Falling, Floating, Sinking
Fleeting Thought
Fade Away
Lean On Me
Let Me Be A Ghost pt. II
Still Enough
Where I Ought To Be
Let Me Be A Ghost pt. III
Look At Me Now

All songs written by Kristoffer Gildenlöw
Mixed and Produced by Kristoffer Gildenlöw
Mastered by Peter van ‘t Riet at Finetune Mastering Studio
Cover art painting by Sander van Helvoort
Artwork by Kristoffer Gildenlöw

Guest Musicians:
Joris Lindner: Drums on The Wind, Falling, Floating, Sinking, Fleeting Thought, Lean On Me, Still Enough and Where I Ought To Be. Hammond Organ on The Wind
Dirk Bruinenberg: Drums on Let Me Be A Ghost pt. III
Erna auf der Haar: Vocals on Lean On Me
Ronja Gildenlöw: Vocals on The Wind
Marcel Singor: Guitar solo on Fleeting Thought