Spanish band Last Days of Eden have signed a worldwide contract with the German record label El Puerto Records! The symphonic folk metal sextet from the Asturias region will release their third album in the (Northern) autumn of 2021 and are then planning on undertaking a release tour with German metal institution Rage.

The Band explains: “We are so excited with this new era for Last Days of Eden and El Puerto Records working together. We felt really connected with the label from the very first conversations we had together, and we were amazed not only by their professional approach as an international label growing so fast and working as a piece of German machinery, but also with the proximity and humanity of the team behind the label too. We are pretty sure that this is going to be a huge step in the band´s career and that we will be finally bringing our Celtic-symphonic material to every corner in the World.“

Matt Bischof, Head of Promotion at El Puerto Records is enthusiastic: “Even in apparently clear music genres such as symphonic metal, you have to listen very carefully to actually discover one or the other treasure. We are happy to have found a pearl in Last Days of Eden. Musically they have a lot to offer with an impressive range from the epic and bombastic to dreamy Celtic music. We look forward to future cooperation! ”

Lady Ani – Vocals
Dani G. – Guitars, Vocals
Andrea Joglar – Bagpipes, flutes
Sara Ember – Violin
Javi González – Bass
Leo Duarte – Drums

On Tour with Rage:
12.11.2021 – SUI – Sarnen
13.11.2021 – ITA – Paderno
16.11.2021 – FRA – Colmar
18.11.2021 – ESP – Valladolid
19.11.2021 – ESP – Granada
20.11.2021 – ESP – Vitoria
21.11.2021 – ESP – Barcelona
23.11.2021 – DEU – München
25.11.2021 – BEL – Bilzen
26.11.2021 – DEU – Hamburg
27.11.2021 – DEU – Rostock