Sweden’s Lechery are returning to action in 2018 with a much-anticipated – their last album came out in 2011- third album. And, I’m delighted to report, it’s a bit of a rip-snorter!

In simple terms it would be impossible to be more ‘trad’ metal than Lechery. As such the band limit the parameters within which they work to an energised mix of Judas Priest, Accept and, well, that’s it really. But whilst that may attract accusations of a lack of imagination or ambition, the reality of the situation is that Lechery are just about perfect at what they do.

On We Are All Born Evil not a note, not a beat is wasted as the band deliver ten taught, muscular variations on the trad metal songbook. Every song contains an arsenal of succulent riffs, each track unfolds to present the listener with a smorgasbord of heavy metal opportunity. From the opening statement of intent of Heavy Metal Invasion through to the closing rabble rouser Tip of the Whip, the band give all comers a crash course in metal dynamics; guitarists Frederik Nordstrandh and Martin Bengtsson (who also provides fine vocals) are a fearsome combination, whether piling on the riffage or peeling off the solos, and rhythm section Martin Karlsson (bass) and drummer Kristian Wallmann prop up the bottom end in riotous yet solid fashion – their work on the catchy Spineless is particularly splendid, the excellent production giving the listenr full opportunity to enjoy the pair’s talents.

Every track has something to recommend it, but the afore-mentioned Spineless and Heavy Metal Invasion both have that certain something that marks them out as potential modern day metal classics. If you’re excited by the thought of straight-up, eighties-inspired steel that gives no inclination that the last thirty-odd years have seen metal splinter into a myriad of sub-genres, let alone acknowledge the fact, then you are going to get hours of pleasure out of this album. Enjoy!

We Are All Born Evil is released on January 19th.