In which Aussie power metallers Lord prove – quite often, actually – that a great song will withstand any reinterpretation as long as it’s bones are basically sound. This is perhaps proved most by the band’s reworking of Kylie Minogue‘s dance pop classic (and surely there aren’t still any low-foreheaded gumbies around who think metal bands doing pop covers is high treason, am I right?) On A Night Like This but be equally said of their frankly titanic live reworking of Metallica’s Creeping Death. A good song is a good song is a… you get the point.

So, having established this, and confirmed Lord’s right as highly accomplished musos to have their way with this bevy of classics, the only decision remains for you as a listener to decide whether the selection offered is up your own particular musical strasse. It could be argued that the whole point of these covers albums is to indulge in a bit of Masterchef-styled deconstruction, and hence metal bands covering other metal bands might be seen as being largely redundant. But that simply isn’t the case here, as the band add their own energetic spin to Symphony X with a dynamite cover of Sins and Shadows, that already-mentioned Metallica track and sterling run throughs of Iron Maiden‘s Judas Be My Guide and (another personal fave) a joyous romp through Judas Priest‘s Reckless.

Aussie nostalgia buffs will doubtless enjoy the band’s look back at their own musical legacy via that Kylie cover as well as fine readings of works by the likes of Savage Garden (a version of To The Moon and Back described by SG mainman Darren Hayes as ‘fucking great’), Icehouse and, of course John Farnham (no Jimmy Barnes? – Ed), whilst eighties heroes A-Ha, Cutting Crew and The Police are also treated reverently and with no little panache. One of the reasons this collection is so successful, it has to be said, are the superbly malleable vocals of frontman Lord Tim, whose voice often takes on the character of the original vocalist (listen to that Maiden cover and also the band’s take on Helloween‘s Somebody’s Crying), whilst still maintaining his own identity. Thus, each song is successfully ‘Lordised’…

A mixed bag then, but there’s definitely something for anyone here with an interest in seeing how one great artist looks at reinterpreting the works of another. And you’ll get a stiff neck into the bargain, which really must count as a result in these days of diminished expectations. Go on, get under the covers now…

Undercovers releases on April 2nd.

Full Tracklist:
To the Moon and Back (Originally by Savage Garden)

Judas be my Guide (Iron Maiden)

Send Me an Angel (Real Life)

Of Sins and Shadows (Symphony X)

Message in a Bottle (The Police)

Shattered (Pantera)

Playing to Win (Little River Band)

Someone’s Crying (Helloween)

Hard to Live (Harem Scarem)

Creeping Death (LIVE) (Metallica) (Mark Furtner lead vocal)

(I Just) Died in Your Arms (Cutting Crew) (Andy Dowling lead vocal)

Reckless (Judas Priest)

Silent Jealousy (X Japan) (Hideaki Niwa lead vocal)

I Want Out (LIVE) (Helloween)

The Sun Always Shines on TV (A-ha)

The Whisper (Queensrÿche)

Touch the Fire (Icehouse)

Wild Child (LIVE) (W.A.S.P.) (Maverick Stevens lead vocal)

Break the Ice (John Farnham)

Runaway (Bon Jovi)

On a Night Like This (Kylie Minogue)

Madhouse (Blackened Angel – Lord Tim side project) (Anthrax)

Night People (Blackened Angel) (Dio)