Formed in 2014 by Therion’s Christofer Johnsson as an outlet for the songs he wrote that couldn’t be incorporated in to the Therion canon, Luciferian Light Orchestra really are a treat for the ears.

Four slabs of endlessly melodic, intricately put together seventies-informed heavy rock is what you get for your hard earned pennies on Black, and I can fully assure you that the record is worth every one of them. Taking influences from across the spectrum of seventies heavy and progressive rock, giving them an undeniable Therionic twist along the way, Johnsson has created a mesmerising world of sonics here, a world that will appeal to old timer fans of seventies acts such as Trinity as much as it will to youngsters currently grooving to the latest Sabbath Assembly or Jess and the Ancient Ones releases.

Evil Masquerade makes for a lively opener, the sort of thing you’d hope Ghost might come up with in the near future, whilst the much heavier Serpent Messiah is a nice hark back to the days of Deep Purple and Uriah Heep.

Four tracks, twenty two musicians and twenty minutes and thirty eight seconds of excellent music – the numbers certainly seem to add up for Luciferian Light Orchestra, and I’m looking forward to hearing release number two already!