British metalcore exponents Malevolence have quietly (at least figuratively, if you see what I mean) going about their business for over a decade now, amassing a worldwide fanbase without ever really drawing attention to themselves. All that is about to change now they’ve hitched their wagon to enormo-label Nuclear Blast and hatched, rather suitably, an enormo-album in the shape of Malicious Intent

At the core of what will doubtlessly be Worldwide fame and adulation is a grasp of what makes a song swing, a skill which many bands – even if they do call themselves ‘groove’ metallists – signally lack. Hence tracks like On Broken Glass, whilst still ticking all the boxes to qualify for this year’s metal as fuck awards, carry a ridiculous funky swagger that wouldn’t be out of place on a classic Aerosmith album; that’s not as outlandish a proposition as it might sound, and when this soulful kernel lies at the heart of music that otherwise would give the likes of Exhorder and Lamb of God a run for their collective dollar – have a listen to Still Waters Run Deep for proof if you don’t believe me – it provides Malevolence with a very powerful x-factor indeed.

It’s easy to see big ballad Higher Place – with it’s neo grunge harmonies and bombastic axe and drum assault – dominating American rock radio (if such a thing still exists) this summer with it’s lighter-worthy melodies and the sort of guitar solo MTV would have elevated to Godhead status in 1993, and you get the sense that, wherever you drop the needle on this remarkable album, that you’re never far away from something massive that’s champing at the bit to demolish your ears.

Kublai Khan‘s Matt Honeycutt and Trivium mainman Matthew K Heafy join in the fun with guest appearances on Above All Else and Salvation respectively, but in all honesty and with the best will in the world this isn’t a band that requires outside intervention in any way, shape or form. Malicious Intent is an album comes to you fully formed and ready to rock your world – and I fervently implore you to allow it to do just that.

Malicious Intent releases on May 20th.