Widely regarded as holding a place among the founding fathers of death metal, Master are here with their brand new full length album. They’ve been going from strength to strength of late and this new release promises to be their best album in decades. Listen to the title  track from the upcoming full length, Vindictive Miscreant, which is slated for release on Transcending Obscurity Records on November 28th below!

Vindictive Miscreant is the perfect encapsulation of the band’s trademark gritty sound, backed up with decades of experience and hard-nurtured skill. Few bands are able to continue on the path they carved out over three and a half decades after the fact. The fact that Master still do so with such remarkable aplomb is a tribute to the unerring vision of band mainstay Paul Speckmann. Even after all this time Master sets standards for bands, old and new, to follow.

There’s nothing on Vindictive Miscreant, not one moment, that doesn’t reek of pure integrity, passion for the art form and flawless execution in delivering what they’ve set out to achieve. They’ve been doing it for decades and they’re only now honing their craft. This time they’re hungry. Vindictive Miscreant will surely come to be seen among Master’s strongest albums and it will blow you away with its vitriolic intensity, riffing prowess and memorability. It makes death metal relevant again.

Band lineup –
Paul Speckmann – Vocals, Bass
Zdenek Pradlovsky – Drums
Aleš Nejezchleba – Guitars and solos

Vindictive Miscreant Track Listing –
Vindictive Miscreant
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The Inner Strength Of The Demon
The Book
Engulfed In Paranoia
The Impossible Of Dreams
Stand Up And Be Counted