Fighter Records is proud to announce the signing of one of the best speed rock’n’roll bands in Spain – Mean Machine – for the international release of their third album Rock’n’Roll Up Your Ass, originally released for their domestic market earlier this year as a limited edition.

Formed in 2007 under the name of Death Valley, the band changed moniker to Mean Machine in 2010, recording a demo that same year, followed by an EP entitled Loud & Proud in 2012. Their first full-length album Livin’ Outlaw came out on the Ukrainian label Dead Center Productions in 2014, followed by the sophomore album Bastardized Mean City, self-produced by the band in 2016.

At the beginning of 2019, Lengua Armada Records launched Rock’n’Roll Up Your Ass and a few months later, Mean Machine signed with Fighter Records for the worldwide reissue and promotion of this third record, which undoubtedly represents the best work of the band at a junction in their career where rock’n’roll, metal and punk merge in a fast and aggressive way where clear influences of Motörhead give room to hints in the vein of Metallica‘s Kill’em All, Nashville Pussy, Speedwolf or Zeke.

The Tracklist for Rock’n’Roll Up Your Ass is as follows:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Up Your Ass
Right Between the Eyes
Don’t Mess Around with the Boys
Speed Patrol
Steamroll the Hammer
Hell of a Crossfire
Don’t Mess Around with the Girls