Australian modern metallers Meshiaak have released a new single, which you can hear below. Here’s what the band’s Vocalist/Guitarist Danny Camilleri says of the song: “Chronicles… was a song I had written up a while before Dean (Wells, the band’s lead guitarist) and I got together to begin working on things for Meshiaak. I mean the original version is really nothing like the monster it became, originally the song began with a slow kinda eerie intro and led into what is now the opening riff. Dean and I messed with it a heap, we rearranged things, took things out and together wrote new sections in the song to create what is now a really dynamic and exciting track. Lyrically the track speaks about the very real state of the decline in human morality and the ever growing dependency of a totally self seeking and selfish society, how one day it will all come to an end and come crashing down around us all in ways that we refuse to acknowledge that we have been told about for centuries, but through our own ignorance we perceive ourselves to be so intellectually superior and capable of understanding all the wonderful mysteries of life and how everything came to be, though in truth, we can’t really explain all that much at all. When it all comes to an end, and I don’t think many would deny that we are on our way out, that’s when we will all beg for forgiveness, though the sad truth is, by then it will be too late, none will be given”.