In which Mick White, former Samson/First Strike vocalist,  makes his return -a most welcome one, I might add – to the music scene… Of the slew of up-and-coming late eighties Brit rock vocalists champing at the bit for a shot at the big time back in the day, White had one of the most easily recognisable voices doing the rounds, and I’m pleased to report that much of the man’s class remains intact on this new album, a mix of reworked White standards and shiny new AOR/melodic rock workouts.

He’s a little rough around the edges on some of the more gung-ho material – age gets us all in the end, I guess, but on super classy material like Sometime Superman and Ordinary Girl the man’s talent is there for all to see as he gives a commanding performance that will take those familiar with the man’s honeyed tonsils right back to those glory days way back when.

In harness now with young guitarist Luke Hatton – the pair collaborated on all the new material on offer here – White displays a firm grasp of what makes this style of music so vital, adding some absolutely superb vocal melody lines to the excellent riffs of Hatton, who also reveals himself as something of a nifty soloist throughout, reminding this reviewer somewhat of Dare/Ten man Vinnie Burns with his contributions.

First Strike fans will be pleased with the inclusion of the glittering AOR of Hold Tight, whilst Samson devotees will doubtless make a beeline to check out this new unit’s reading of Don’t Close Your Eyes, but to be honest this album is just as much about White’s present and future as it is his past, and on the evidence of this that future appears to be pretty bright. Well worth a listen!

Something’s Got To Give is out now.