The new release from Midnight, Shox of Violence, comes in two formats, either one of which is sure to appeal to fans of these American blackened speed merchants.

First is a four track EP which has been out for a little while and features four all new tracks, Death Scream, Who Gives a Fuck?, Ready for Destruction and Groin Gripper, all of which will be familiar in style to you if you already know the band. If you are not – get ready to have your ears assaulted!

Death Scream is the best of the quartet; It is a riotous, serpentine visitation from the black metal depths wrapped up in probably the best production the band has ever allowed itself to receive. It almost sounds professional! Athener plays some great lead guitar on these four tracks, at times bringing thoughts of late Motörhead guitar player Würzel in his style and tone. Midnight are pretty good at blackened speed, and you won’t be disappointed if you invest in this short EP.

If you want more, then Hells Headbangers have issued an expanded version of the EP, which compiles so far uncollated EP and live tracks recorded since 2013. There are a lot of cover versions here, with Venom’s In League With Satan and Too Loud For the Crowd in particular being successes due to Midnight’s familiarity with the feel and sound of classic Venom music. More surprising is probably the version of hair metal pioneers Quiet Riot’s Slick Black Cadillac. I haven’t heard the original, but Sentinel Daily Editor Scott Adams tells me Midnight’s version is ‘side splittingly brilliant’ – is that a recommendation?

There are plenty of other enjoyable moments to listen to over the release’s twenty five tracks, including other covers of acts like Girlschool and fellow NWoBHM veterans Crucifixion.

Whatever you prefer – new stuff, borrowed stuff, live stuff – there is plenty to enjoy on Shox of Violence if blackened, punk-inspired speed metal is already a part of your life, If it’s not, the big compilation might be too much of a good thing for the uninitiated, so maybe give the EP a try.


Shox of Violence is out now.