It’s a move that could see Denmark’s Mike Tramp facing off in the Eurovision final with Norway’s Jorn Lande… as the young people say – BRING IT ON!!

Internationally recognised solo artist and songwriter Mike Tramp presents his brand new single Everything Is Alright – an honest number written directly from the heart – and is pleased to announce that returning home from his own Odyssey he will take part in the competition to find the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Having won the Danish Song contest in 1978 with Mabel and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest later that same year (they came sixteenth, in a field where Norway’s Jahn Teigen memorably scored ‘nul points’ – Ed), Mike will return just over four decades later on the same stage and in the context that kick-started his career with his message for Denmark and all countries of Europe in these dark times. After all the years and a lifetime of experience, it feels right to be back.

“In 2021, I can be one hundred per cent true to myself and not have to put on any mask – I am who I am. All eight songs are there to win, but the moment you deliver and sing a song without compromising on yourself, only in that moment can you leave the stage as a winner – no matter what the jury thinks.” – Mike Tramp