Hello! and thanks for being another grillee in our My 2017 series! By way of introduction, who are you, and what do you do? “Levi Benton, singer of Miss May I“.

Pleased to meet you! We’ll talk Miss May I presently, but first, on a personal note, what was the best album you bought this year? “Fire From The GodsNarrative Retold”.

What would you say was the highlight for you personally in the last year? “Playing our hometown on the Shadows Inside tour! It was a sold out show at home and our new record was out just over a month so the singalongs were amazing. We don’t get to play home much for family let alone play headliners. It was very special to us”.

And what about low lights? Who or what stunk the place out musically in 2017 for Levi Benton? “I think the low light is for sure getting all of our gear stolen in Italy. We had to play nine shows with borrowed equipment and most of the time not the right equipment. The shows were great though – just behind the scenes was a nightmare!

On less of a personal note, what have you found disappointing about the wider world in 2017? “I honestly am disappointed in the violence. For the first time I feel afraid to tour the world and be at shows and I feel that needs to change! The violence needs to stop. We hope to bring people a positive night though at our shows and give them a place to let loose and feel safe”.

That’s what metal should always be about! What’s on the cards for the band/you in 2018? “”2018 holds the second half of the Shadows Inside cycle for us which has already been the best in our career. We are going to a lot of places we have never played and bringing the best show we have ever created. I cannot wait!”

We’re coming up to the party season – what’s the better night – Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve? And what will you be drinking? “New Years Eve any day! Christmas is the worst when you are hung over. My drink of choice for the party will always be a gin and tonic with a lime. Works every time!”

It’s quite warm here in Canberra at the moment. A gin and tonic would go down very nicely. Maybe later… Next question- what’s the first thing that springs to mind if I say ‘Australian metal’?
“For me it will always be Parkway Drive. Their name even comes to mind when I hear the word Australia. Legends who really broke down barriers for metal. Miss May I have always been fans and we love those guys”.

Yep. Definitely an Australian metal institution. Shameless plug time – We’ve just started Sentinel Daily Radio – what five songs should every metal radio station have on it’s playlist?
End Of HeartacheKillswitch Engage, Nothing LeftAs I Lay DyingHail To The KingAvenged Sevenfold, StrandedGojira and Two WeeksAll That Remains“.

Thank you – your list will be added to our playlists pronto! Anything else you’d like to say to the readers of Sentinel Daily? “We cant wait to come back to Australia. Honestly, Australia is one of our favourite places to perform in the world because the fans go insane. We don’t get to come as much as we would like to and we hope you all know that”.

Thanks for taking part! See you down under soon!

Miss May I The Shadows Inside Tour Dates:

Monday 20 November – 7:00pm
The Triffid
9 Stratton St, Newstead QLD (Lic A/A)
Miss May I, Sylar, Justice For The Damned & As Paradise Falls

Wednesday 22 November – 7:30pm
The Cambridge Hotel
789 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW (18+)
Miss May I, Sylar, Justice For The Damned & Below Oceans

Thursday 23 November – 6:30pm
The Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW (Lic A/A)
Miss May I, Sylar, Justice For The Damned & Oh Villian

Friday 24 November – 8:00pm
Max Watts Melbourne
125 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC (18+)
Miss May I, Sylar, Justice For The Damned, Earth Caller & Arkive

Saturday 25 November – 7:30pm
Adelaide Uni Bar
Gate 10, Level 5, Union House/Victoria Dr Adelaide SA (Lic A/A)
Miss May I, Sylar, Justice For The Damned & Falcifer

Sunday 26 November – 8:00pm
Amplifier Bar
383 Murray St, Perth WA (18+)
Miss May I, Sylar, Make Way For Man & Entropy


Tickets Available HERE