February 26, 2021 will see Portuguese dark metal titans Moonspell release their hotly anticipated thirteenth studio album, entitled Hermitage, via Napalm Records.

The band is not only approaching their thirtieth band anniversary more ambitiously and stronger than ever, but with their forthcoming record, they have created a wonderfully intuitive, yet epic masterpiece and a testament to what they’ve always loved the most: Honest, emotional metal that binds us even in these dark times.

Hermitage was recorded, mixed and mastered this past summer by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise Lost, Primordial, Ghost, Sólstafir et al) at Orgone Studios in the UK. Building upon the sensitive facets of the album, one can expect an entertaining and revolutionary journey through the darkest days of human existence. Beautifully crafted songs such as The Greater Good show us the modernity of the wolves in 2021, while tracks like Common Prayers embrace the Moonspell tradition of writing a gothic metal song like no other band can. The ethereal and melodic sounds of Moonspell, while never straying away from their metal roots, make Hermitage most likely one of the deepest, surprising and most epic albums this band has ever written.

Following upon their just recently unleashed album opening track, The Greater Good Moonspell is sharing their second single and a brand new video for Common Prayers!

Directed by Guilherme Henriques and featuring actress, singer and performer Aurora Pinho, this clip was shot ninety meters below the surface at the amazing caves of Grutas de Mira d’Aire, one of Portugal’s seven natural wonders. With a classy gothic and catchy feel, Moonspell flexes their best songwriting skills. The lyrical content is “perverse, almost religious” and deals with the eighteenth century pregnancy surge amidst Portuguese nuns. Twentieth century demolitions and excavations unearthed the bones of hundreds of children, revealing the sad faith of Jesus’ sons and daughters.

Vocalist Fernando Ribeiro states: “Political? Religious? Who the fuck cares, really? Music is, for Moonspell, about self-expression, and we are old enough to pick our battles. Common Prayers is the kind of song we love to write, sensual, different, with a to-die-for chorus. Hermitage is coming your way, you can run, but you cannot hide. Staying safe is staying smart. Say a prayer!”

With Common Prayers Moonspell successfully builds upon their previous dark works.

Watch their brand new music video right here:

Hermitage is about turning our backs to the conventions of modernity. We are currently convincing ourselves that it’s all about us, that we (humanity) are everything. That the world revolves around us.“ Ribeiro continues. “However, ipso facto, we are nothing and nothing revolves around us. Moonspell’s goal, on these last turns around the Sun, are to write the best music we possibly can. To tell you a few stories with our lyrics, to be close to you in these times of distancing. We wish not to tease you or to influence you or to sell you our fish. We want to sit down with you at your table and feast together upon our notes and words. Like if we were close friends, like back in the time where music matters the most. In your bedroom listening to music, without having to post our smart remarks about it, inviting the hate in.

Hermitage is an open-hearted invitation to simplicity. To be humble. To be thankful. To serve you solace. Provide you comfort, entertainment. We sincerely hope this call reaches you. That you kindly accept what we offer. That you take our music with you to the place you must feel as yours. To your secret place, to your hermitage. Blessed be.”

Album Tracklist:

The Greater Good
Common Prayers
All or Nothing
The Hermit Saints
Without Rule
City Quitter (Outro)
+ Bonus Tracks:
Darkness in Paradise (Candlemass Cover – available on LP, Deluxe Box, MC + Mediabook)
The Great Leap Forward (7″ Vinyl – available in Deluxe Box)