Neck Cemetery is the joint baby of real music lovers who have already gained years of stage experience in various bands: Jens (vocals, ex-Aleatory, ex-Season Of Flames), Boris (guitars, ex-Black Sheriff), Yorck (guitars, Sodom, ex-Beyondition), Matt (bass, Hornado) and Lukas (drums, Black Sheriff).

It does not happen often that a three-track demo causes so much fuss. No wonder that the first two editions of the demo are already completely sold out, because the five-piece combo from Cologne and the Ruhr area play heavy metal the way themselves love it – sometimes worn, sometimes fast, sometimes serious and sometimes with a wink, but always with a lot of heart and soul.

Now, the band has signed a world wide record deal with the up-and-coming label Reaper Entertainment Europe.

The band states:”Neckbreakers! We are proud to call ourselves a part of the Reaper Entertainment family from now on. In Flori and Greg we have found fantastic partners with whom we are united not only by our love for music but also by an idealistic basic idea. We are looking forward to a long cooperation. All hail King of the Dead!”

Flori Milz (Reaper Entertainment) states:”We are very happy that Neck Cemetery is now part of the Reaper family. After the sensational demo, which was sold out very quickly, we are happy to release the boys’ debut album. Look forward to real heavy metal as it has to be.”

Neck Cemetery just finished the recordings of their upcoming debut album, which will be released this coming (Northern) Autumn.

Sentinel Daily‘s own true metal Crusader Ferry Templeton has been salivating over Neck Cemetery for some while: “Ever since I heard the band’s Death By Banging Demo last year I’ve been following the band’s progress with interest… fans of real, true metal – by which I mean metal the way it used to be played, fast, furious and without worry about fitting in to this or that genre or pigeonhole – are going to absolutely love this band when they hear them. Wimps and posers – please turn the lights out as you leave the hall!”