The southern German death metal brigade Necrotted just announced the release of their upcoming new studio album, Operation: Mental Castration, will be released on March 19th, 2021 via Reaper Entertainment.

Today, the band presents the second digital single My Mental Castration. The song is available on every major streaming platform now.
The official music video for the song can be seen below!

The band states: “We’re happy to present our new song My Mental Castration and the accompanying music video today. My Mental Castration is the second single from our upcoming album Operation: Mental Castration and its title track. Both the song and the video perfectly showcase the characteristic style and the spirit of the new album. We hope our fans like the music and moving images as much as we like ourselves!”

Necrotted convinces with a brutal mixture: Sweeping guitar riffs and dashing blast beats come upon stomping slam parts and catchy refrains, which are presented by deep, guttural vocals. Over the years, the five guys have become a hard-hitting brand for massively heavy and ferocious death metal.