Featuring four and a bit tracks of total fucking destruction, Nekrohowl’s new EP, Epitome of Morbid is going to go down an absolute storm with fans of pure, unadulterated filth.

Dhaka, Bangladesh isn’t probably anyone’s idea of an archetypal death metal hub, but Nekrohowl prove the true global reach of heavy metal in 2017 by defying all the preconceptions about the viability of their homebase as a metal territory with the sheer venom of their simplistic, shudderingly brutal assault.

There are no frills on Epitome of Morbid. The title track probably displays more (and I know this is absolutely the wrong word to use) finesse than the others, sounding as it does absolutely the equal of anything coming out of more normal death metal epicentres, but for this reviewer’s money the opening cut (after a suitably spooky intro piece), Blasphemy Still Unnamed, is the pick of the bunch. The unhinged, guttural barking from vocalist/guitarist Obliterator is perfect, and his chunky, jagged riffing isn’t far behind. Rhythm section Sadist (bass) and drummer Warmonger keep things simple and brutal, the resultant noise being an ear-scouring exercise in attrition for the listener.

There’s nothing even remotely original on offer here, but there is an awful lot of honest workmanship and dedication to the heavy metal cause, and if raw, unalloyed old-school death metal gets you going then this is going to be twenty minutes of assault and battery you’ll keep going back to.

Nekrohowl will release Epitome of Morbid on September 30th.