In twenty years, Swedish/Greece melodic death metal band Nightrage have made a huge name for themselves; In 2019 the band released their eighth album, Wolf to Man, an essential for a death metal fan to put in their collection. Through the years, Nightrage have proven themselves over and over again and have mastered the symbioses of raw metal and dark melodies. This year, Nightrage celebrate their twenty year anniversary by releasing the demo album Demo 2000 including the musicians Marios Iliopoulos (guitars) and the legendary Gus G (former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne, Arch Enemy, founder of Firewind) to all their die-hard fans around the world. But they leave their fans with the mysterious question, who sings?

Say Marios of the album Demo 2000; “Here we are after twenty years playing with Nightrage and it really feels that we just started yesterday. This demo is the beginning of my dream of finding the right guys that share that dream; to create the best possible band that is always aiming for the best! Gus G and I recorded this demo together with a drum machine and a digital recorder and these songs truly show our hunger and passion to create great music and play melodic uncompromising dramatic death metal. I sent the material to Fredrik Nordström from the legendary Fredman Studio and he fell in love with it as well, and that same demo alone was the ticket for us to record our first album and continue as a band in Sweden.

Today, after twenty years we’re really happy and proud to get the chance to share this rare and never released recordings with all of our beloved fans for the first time ever! Of course, the sound quality is not the best, but it was the best we could do at the time and even though we never thought these songs would see the light of day, we’re happy to share these memories with you all!”

Marios describes the first single, At the Ends of the Earth demo 2000; “With this song, we tried to experiment and do something different, outside the box of death metal cliches; Instead of using melodies, we played weird and ominous riffs through the whole song. At this time I was in a rough place in my life both personally and musically and you can hear all the bad blood in these lyrics”.