Perth cerebral metallers Nucleust had a giant 2017. After releasing their debut full length album, Terra Cerebral in July via Rockpit Records, they toured it nationally to ever increasing crowds and most recently supported UK tech masters Haken and rounded the year off in Europe supporting Six Feet Under over ten shows across the continent.

The band show no signs of slowing down and are preparing for an even bigger 2018. Before they get going though, it is with sadness that they announce that their long time drummer, Shay Smith has departed the band.

Nucleust comment: ‘There comes a time in every bands career where a member decides to take a different path for many different reasons and unfortunately for us now is one of those times. We would like to wish Shay our drummer all the best in his future endeavours and thank him for all his hard work and contribution since the conception of the band. We all remain good friends and Shay will continue to be an active part of the band until such time as we find a replacement.

Shay Smith has delivered his statement for departure: ‘My journey in music started close to twenty years ago. I can remember the psychologist at my school telling my mother there wasn’t much hope for her son. “The best you can probably hope for is for him to be able to put one brick on top of the other”. That was the predicted height of my achievement. School was a strong reinforcement of this opinion, but thankfully my mother never accepted this encouraging me to play music. I remember the constant disappointment of those around me at my ineptitude at school juxtaposed with their amazement as I started playing classical music by ear; singing in harmony effortlessly; and teaching myself to play multiple instruments. I honestly used to think that playing music was the only thing I could do that might be of real value. After playing in bands for most of my life things have changed. I have learned new skills; made new friends; and changed immensely as a person. Somehow along the way I have completely lost the desire to play for other people. The feelings of joy and motivation I used to feel with an instrument in my hands have been replaced by frustration and anxiety when I have to try to tackle the ever present problem of succeeding as a band. Making the time and financial contributions becomes extremely difficult when you just don’t have the dream any more. A band like Nucleust deserves a drummer who loves and cares deeply about what they are doing and I just don’t feel that way any more, and so I feel it wouldn’t be right to continue with the band. I cannot express how much love there is in my heart for Max, Shan, and Josh. The bond we have had as a band has been one of the most powerful meaningful things in my life. I will not be leaving the band stranded. I will continue to be involved in the band until a suitable replacement is found and possibly even after. I will not be pursuing another band after this. This is not due to personal conflicts or creative differences. We have talked this over together and the parting is extremely sad but amicable. I want to thank anyone who bought a CD or a t-shirt, came to a gig, helped us record our music, guided us in the music business, and most of all those who helped me haul my bloody drum kit around the place and set it up! I am looking at you, Shan. I am extremely grateful and honoured to have the privilege of your company on this journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Shay”.


Nucleust have decided to continue without Shay and therefore will be on the lookout for a suitable drummer to fill the slot behind the kit. The band will be holding auditions when the time is right and will be held at their rehearsal space at Hen House Studios in Osbourne Park, Perth. So if you or anybody you know fits the criteria below and are interested in joining Nucleust as their permanent drummer, they would love to hear from you! You’ll need to fulfill the following criteria if you think you might fit the Nucleust bill:

100 percent commitment to Nucleust
Financial stability
A can do positive attitude
Ability to play to a high standard
Must own a good drumkit
Must be willing to run backing track and click set up
Willing and able to travel nationally and internationally on regular tours
Available to rehearse and jam at least once or twice a week.

Nucleust is based in Perth, Western Australia but if you are from outside of Perth and are willing to move to Perth to fulfill the criteria above, they are happy to accept your submission to apply.
Please send all submissions and enquiries to or hit up the band’s Facebook page. They look forward to hearing from you all!