On May 12th, Critical Mass Recordings will unleash the second full length attack by Sweden’s Obnoxious Youth, entitled Disturbing The Graves. It’s been six years since the debut album, and the time has finally come for twelve new tracks of fucked up aggression, desperation and darkness!

Obnoxious Youth defy logic, genres, order and last but not least, the rules. The result of this bizarre fusion of mad men and twisted minds is a rare mixture of eighties heavy metal and American hardcore punk. Fans of Venom, Motörhead, The Accüsed, Adrenalin OD, Septic Death, Voivod, Metallica, Poison Idea, Discharge, GBH and early Slayer will feel right at home.

Obnoxious Youth don’t believe in cheating, Obnoxious Youth writes real songs and records their albums DIY style on analog reel-to-reel, the timeless way, and they keep the mistakes and the filth. The analog and true sound presents the band in the best possible way, creating a true and honest punch in the face.

Disturbing the Graves Track listing:
Speed Metal
Place of a Thousand Deaths
Disturbing the Graves
Black Terror
Retroactive Abortion
Bleeding the Freaks
Sadistic Death
Sucking the Devil
Quartered & Swallowed
Need to Destroy
Flesh Imposters