It could be argued that Greek black metal expositors Odyrmos opt to follow an easy path on their newest, self-titled release; The artists offers by way of an explanatory description that the album “presents a unique mixture of melodic and atmospheric black metal with some dark ambient touches”, although it might be argued that there is little unique about that particular mixture of style within the black metal movement, it is certainly a popular style in the current musical climate.

On deeper exposure to the album one finds it to be a largely linear juxtaposition of variously shaded tones – dark and darker if you will, though compositions such as Dawn of A New Journey are possibly even more simplistic than such a jocular description might suggest. This is primitive black metal polished to a hue that suggests more sophistication than is actually present; the ‘dark ambient touches’, too, are not sufficiently developed to enhance or augment the more forceful passages.

This approach may actually favour the artist in the final analysis, as the resultant, rather spartan nature of the pieces might actually appeal to listeners who may have become a little tired of the more overblown nature of modern ‘electric’ black metal. They closing section of Dawn of a New Journey has a tribalistic feel that works well, and complements the shamanistic barking that serves as introduction to the following piece, Beneath a Mourning Sky.

Although many elements of the work are successful in their own right and signal that the musicians involved are able to execute their artistic vision, as a whole the album may fail to satisfy more demanding listeners searching for a truly immersive experience. Taken singly, simplistic exercises in composition such as An Ominous Journey hold some appeal, yet as an album in toto one may feel something to be lacking overall.

Odyrmos releases on July 15th.