Onslaught are back with a new single! Religiousuicide marks the debut of new vocalist Dave Garnett (you may know him from such bands as Bull-Riff Stampede – Ed) who recently replaced long term frontman Sy Keeler. Guitarist Nige Rockett comments: “Me and the guys are so fucking psyched to finally get this track Religiousuicide out into the public domain, it’s one of the most intense, hate filled songs that Onslaught has ever written and it’s definitely one for the pit! When Daniel Bergstrand (producer) asked me how we wanted the mix, I said “Can you deliver us one of the most brutal and aggressive sounds ever heard in thrash metal..? He said “yeah sure, man!” I gotta say he did an awesome job. I hope you all dig hearing it as much as we did for the first time!“

The UK thrashers will release their long awaited new album – Generation Antichrist – through AFM Records on 7th August. The album was mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Bergstrand (Behemoth/In Flames/Meshuggah) at Dugout Studios in Uppsala, Sweden and is the follow up to the critically acclaimed VI.

Generation Antichrist will be the first album to feature new Onslaught vocalist Dave Garnett who has recently replaced long term frontman Sy Keeler.

Comments Rockett: “Wow, we’re stoked to finally get this new album ready to go, It’s been a huge challenge to get everything finalised in light of recent events around the the world. We’ve had to bend a few rules and do things in very unconventional ways to make it work, but we got it done. I gotta say this is one brutal fucking record and could be a real game-changer for the future of Onslaught, It’s a very earthy and extremely raw sounding album, we held back on the technology, with natural drums all round and I think Daniel Bergstrand did an unbelievable job on the mix. Everyone really stepped up to the plate massively on Generation Antichrist but I have to single out our new vocalist Dave Garnett for smashing the vocals out of the park. It’s an unenviable task to follow in the big shoes of Sy Keeler but he’s made this album his own and in his own very cool style, I’m sure he’s gonna be hugely popular with the fans!”.