Melbourne’s heavy experimental creatives Orsome Welles will be releasing their new EP Rise in early 2017. This week the band has released the incredible music video for the track Maestro

The band comment on Maestro: “The idea behind the video and the concept of the song is a journey inside the mind of a creative person, specifically a songwriter.  We love the fact that we can bring our songs to life and explore the darker deeper concepts that are lingering in the lyrics.”

The Maestro, played by frontman Michael Vincent Stowers is a representation of the struggle to control creativity and the feelings of writers block. There is a dark element represented by the ghosts of TIME, VISION, MIND and CHANGE. (played by the other members of Orsome Welles)

Focusing on the two main concepts of the Maestro writing in his lair and being haunted in his mind. Orsome Welles had a greater idea of what the finished product may look like with this clip, in comparison to their first video for Build A World.

“The scariest moment was destroying a burning 100 year old piano in a single take. We had some Rachmaninov pumping over the stereo and I just had to go for broke.  It was a great way to visualise the frustration that I feel sometimes when the band have a solid song written and an idea is hard to come by.” – Michael Stowers
The video is once again the brain child of Orsome Welles and the incredible Adrian Goleby who created the band’s previous video, Build A World.

Orsome Welles are a band that defy classification. An unconventional merge of progressive and heavy, overlaid with an early 20th century panache; pounding grooves, infused with intricate instrumentality and raw uncaged power.  Their avant-garde live show is a sight to behold!

Orsome Welles will be appearing at Progfest, this Saturday, Dec 3rd at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne