Crossing Eternity is a new Romanian/Swedish symphonic power metal/rock band founded by guitarist and composer Manu Savu. Entering the studio in the summer of 2017 with a head full of great song ideas he recruited fellow Romanian Berti Barbera, as the band’s singer and Swede Uffe Tillman for drum duties. Although the band is brand new, the three passionate, experienced musicians bring twenty five to thirty years of experience across all genres with them.

In regards to the band’s name choice, they quote: “We thought of something transcendental, something to describe the thoughts and intentions of our musical journey. We are giving the best we have, we see beyond words, we are crossing eternity. It’s like leaving something lasting to posterity.”

Their sound is old school with a resistance to overproduction defined on their debut album; Manu explains further: “Composing the music for this album was like an inner journey for me, almost like a sort of a confession, a deep search of the soul, back and forth, a connection with the mostly unseen, sensitive world’s symbols and metaphors, an essential part from our original existence. This album is a continuous act of honesty, a musical statement between what we can see and what we can’t, a story bordering our touchable and magical worlds.

“It was beyond any mercantile approach and my vision was beautifully supported by my bandmates. We tried to dial down our virtuosity spurts to obtain a more direct and sincere approach.”

Enjoying the privilege of sharing the stage with big names like Uriah Heep, Ten Years After, Scorpions, Larry Coryell and Blood, Sweat and Tears the band’s main priority is to expand their boundaries and play worldwide, finding opportunities to make their music known and appreciated in as many countries as possible. With their debut album The Rising World being released on June 15, 2018 via Rockshots Records, the trio is ready to take their place in metal history.

The Rising World Tracklist:

Crossing Eternity (4:22)
Ghost Of A Storm (4:30)
Sand In The Sky (4:35)
High Above The Crown (4:28)
Kingdome Come (4:05)
Embrace Your Voices (3:56)
Journey To The End Of Dreams (4:33)
Winter Poem (4:42)
Haunted (5:17)
Dreams Fall (4:56)
Angels Cry, Rainbows Hide (4:30)
Spirit Of The Forest (3:49)
War Of Gods (4:50)