Norwegian metal sect Okkultokrati is keeping the fire alive with their new album La Ilden Lyse, which is available today through Southern Lord Recordings!

La Ilden Lyse – which translates roughly to “Keep The Fire Burning” – Is an album of pure, cold, grim, rawness. Themes of enduring life, transcending death, worshipping the moon, and triumphant, satanic darkness are all at play here, and the album sounds harder, faster, and nastier than ever.

Remarks the band:“Pushing beyond the grasp of simply life and death, crossing over despite one’s fleshy limitations and mortal flaws. Everything physical decays, rots and fades away, but ideas are forever. Transcending life, contempt/alienation/(self) hate/loathing are eternally constant. Embrace the frostbitten darkness and ride with us to the badlands.”

They continue: “Okkultokrati has always been more than being a band, making music, touring… Striving to be something beyond the mundane and trivial. It’s an attitude. In defiance. To everyone and everything. To not chase after trends. To seek truth in music wherever it takes you. To be an outsider and an outlaw, even though it makes you a freak. La Ilden Lyse is music for the misguided, the conspiratorial, the unappreciated and unwanted. It’s black outlaw metal. It’s a beacon in the dark, for desperate times.”

No more messing around. Keep it black, keep it metal, all the time.


Dionysiac – Vocals

Black Race – Guitar

Verminscum – Drums

Le Ghast – Bass

Empyrean – Guitar

Azoth – Cosmic Keys

Sentinel Daily‘s own Lord of all that is dark, Michael Stronge, has been living with the album for a while and has this to say on La Ilden Lyse: “If, like me, you’ve spent a fair while musing on what Hawkwind might sound like if they were devotees of the great horned one, then the first couple of tracks on this new Okkultokrati album will set you straight; keyboards whoosh, guitars drone their way right to the centre of your brain, bass and drums lock in on the pulse that guides the soul straight into the heart of oblivion… this is music for the lost and the lacking, a hellacious tornado of souls that’ll have you salivating like the Pavlovian Dogs you are at it’s first, tar-black ring…”

Sounds good!