Greetings, Todd and thanks for being the latest muso to take part in our On the Road series… It’s very nearly time for Psycroptic to hit the road in Australia again – you’re playing six cities with Archspire and Hadal Maw. Tell us the first tour memory that springs to mind about…

Brisbane: “My first time in Brisbane, Dave Davidson from Revocation told Squizzy from King Parrot that he liked his ‘Beavis & Butthead shorts’, then Squizzy told him to get fucked and politely explained that shorts are meant to be short. Fuckin funny…”

Sydney: “First thing that comes to mind is that time I unknowingly gave the elevator key to this maniac who didn’t actually work at the venue, he just shows up early and annoys the bands while pretending to be somebody important. Kinda fucked the load in a bit when the key couldn’t be accounted for! (laughs) I remember being shamed for that one”.

Melbourne: “What a sick ass city. I remember walking around near Federation Square, searching for the best Asian food possible with Dan Garguilo (another Revocationer – Ed). We went nuts, overeating in China Town. That night we played the biggest show of the tour and had a crazy evening that ended at Cherry Bar. Fantastic”.

Canberra: “Ah, The Basement. Sick venue! That’s where I learned that “whizzo” is Aussie slang for speed”.

Hobart: “Salamanca Market! One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. All of Tassie is a gorgeous place, with beautiful scenery, and a small population. So loveable. It was rad just cruising around there, and seeing some of the band’s history before my very eyes. Where old records were done, old rehearsal spots, etc, not to mention meeting the legendary Cam Roberts and also Pepp’s father and Dave and Joe’s parents”.
Adelaide: “Only been once, nothing comes to mind apart from a long walk around town with some buds”.

So you’ve got some work to do to cook up some funny stories in the City of Churches!  You’ve been at this a while now, and you’ve been at it all over the world – do you find Australia a different place to play to, say, the Netherlands or the USA? Do specific places still have their own styles or is one crowd much like another these days? “From my experience, being the newest member of the band, it seems Australia still responds to the band with the most vigour and enthusiasm. There is an awful lot of home team pride involved, and I love that. Culturally speaking, Europeans seem slightly more difficult to impress, although they are extremely hospitable, while the US seems a bit more easily impressed and not as hospitable. Australians might be the most fun loving! And never count Canada out! Every heavy metal market in Canada is fucking stellar! All metal heads love fun though, so we never had a bad time regardless. I look forward to seeing how Psycroptic will go down in Latin America!”

Apart from your particular tool of the trade, what else do you find essential to have with you on the road? “Baby wipes. We all prefer to travel light. It’s what you DON’T bring that sometimes makes life easier. Although admittedly, when we tour the states, I bring a heap of tools. Can never have too many tools on the road”

What advice would you give to a band that’s just starting out on the road as a wannabe serious touring outfit? What are the major pitfalls to avoid? “Jeez. If I had to keep it brief I’d say put your music career first. Sounds silly but you must be very serious about your work ethic towards your career in music. It costs you all of your time and in the beginning, all of your money. It’s a risky game to play, so to quote the great David Grohl: “Be good at what you do, and don’t expect ANYTHING.”

Wise words indeed. Who have been your fave touring partners over the years? “Revocation! Also Archspire, King Parrot, Ingested, Dying Fetus and definitely Disentomb. All extremely funny, polite, and a pleasure to be around. There are heaps more but those are just a few”.

And what about venues – where do you like to play the most? “I’d say Crowbar in Brisbane, Max Watts in Melbourne, and any venue in the Netherlands. In general we like to play everywhere, but a few places certainly feel like home and also Holland just has the greatest catering and accommodations in the world”.

It does indeed! Best thing about touring? “Kidding me? Greatest job in the world. Ever go on a road trip and love the feeling of freedom while cruising down the road? Imagine that’s how you make a living while playing shows with your best mates and checking out new cities each day. Insane!”

OK, so even after that answer I’m going to ask about the worst aspects of touring “Crying babies on planes, time away from spouse/family/friends, and sometimes loss of income. Small prices to pay!”

What can we expect set-wise from Psycroptic on this tour? “Maybe a classic, but very heavy on the more current stuff. Self-titled and Inherited mostly”.

And finally – is there anything else you’d like to tell the readers of Sentinel Daily? “Yes. Heavy metal is the greatest thing in the world, and we are all lucky that there are enough fans of it to sustain our livelihoods as a result. Thanks!”

Thank you for taking part! “Cheers!”

Psycroptic On Tour with Archspire & Hadal Maw:
16/08/2018 – Brisbane – Crowbar
17/08/2018 – Sydney – Bald Faced Stag
18/08/2018 – Melbourne – Max Watts
19/08/2018 – Canberra – The Basement
24/08/2018 – Hobart – The Brisbane Hotel*
25/08/2018 – Adelaide – Fowlers*

*No Hadal Maw