Swedes Putrified have been going since 2010, releasing a couple of demos and a single EP before this new release. Originally a one man band formed by multi-instrumentalist A. Death, the band has filled out now to a quartet where he’s joined by a couple of members of his former band Infuneral, and the resultant noise they’ve come up with for this new EP is pretty good.

Four songs and two instrumental segues spread over two sides of a 7’ single, side A focusses on the band’s own material – buzzsaw, at times punky Swedish death metal making all the right – if not particularly original – moves, whilst side B, which is possibly more interesting to band outsiders, features a couple of covers.

Cover number one is a wildy over-the-top destruction of The MisfitsDevil’s Whorehouse. Not being a fan of that band I can’t tell you whether it works or not, though I’m pretty sure the Misfits wouldn’t approach any song with such brutal lack of regard for melody. The other cover, a version of Celtic Frost’s Morbid Tales, is another matter altogether. A cavernous, cold, extreme variation on the original, almost unrecognisable yet hauntingly familiar, it’s worth the cost of the record on it’s own.

That said, the two originals featured are really pretty laudable, and you could do a lot worse than pick this up if it becomes available to you.

The Flesh, The Scythe, The Tomb is out now.