We live in a world where everything, including music, is itemized and made into a genre (indeed the sub-genres grow daily!). Yet rock is all about rebellion plus rejecting norms and Hamilton, ON’s marvellous award nominated Radio Free Universe are very much their own creation. In vocalist George Panagopoulos’ words, they are “genuine, honest, heavy, sonic…liberating”.

Panagopoulos explains liberty is a big part of the inspiration behind the band’s unique name.“It is inspired by Radio Free Europe, which began as part of the resistance against tyranny in World War 2. Now its journalists report the news in 23 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We apply this to our music. Trying to break free of the chains of genres and just focusing on the song and serving it.”

RFU’s debut album Casa Del Diablo is set for release on March 17th, 2017 via Jet Pack Records and features twelve infectious rocking tunes. The band’s first single Disclosure is currently hitting radio across Canada. With just a few days left to the album’s release, RFU are ready to share with fans an online stream of their next single American Gun.

Vocalist George Panagopoulos comments on the track: “American Gun, it’s a song about them. How it feels to hold one, how it feels to hate them. You can sing these words and mean them. It will work for both sides of the issue.”

Listen to American Gun below!

Casa Del Diablo was mixed and mastered by Glen Robinson (Voivod, Gwar) along with him producing tracks American Gun, Disclosure, 18 Wheels and Six with the rest of the release produced by RFU vocalist George Panagopoulos and Mark McMaster.

Breaking down the album, vocalist George Panagopoulos also explains:“I spent a good deal of time living in the US. It’s a vibrant real culture from coast to coast. I don’t believe in the devil, but I do believe that people trap themselves in things. The enticement of pleasure and wants that the country truly offers a great deal of opportunity, but it’s also lined with a thirst that is unquenchable. Money can be good, but in the United States it fuels every fire. The country has literally become an evolved beast that feeds of people’s desire and fear. Everything you can think of corruption wise is alive and thriving there. As well as every great innovation and creative spirit. This album is about those things combined with my experience there. At the same time it’s a celebration of sorts. No song judges any one at any time. Nothing says this is bad or that is good. It’s just an observation. For example American Gun is one of those tracks that work for people who don’t like them and people that do. All the songs are observational not so much political. The most amazing thing about that country is with all that going on you find people who are happy and full of love. That’s amazing if you think about it.”

Prior to preparing for their debut release, Radio Free Universe has made quite a name for themselves on the live scene in Southern Ontario and greater Toronto area since their formation in 2010. In their hometown of Hamilton, ON, they’ve performed at the Hamilton Music Awards plus have been nominated twice for Recording of The Year. Other appearances by RFU include Canadian Music Week, Lock Street Festival, NXNE, KOI Fest and Big Music Fest ft. Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and Slash.

See Radio Free Universe Live:
March 25 – Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah

Case Del Diablo Tracklisting:
American Gun (2:53)
Disclosure (3:13)
18 Wheels (3:37)
Butterfly (3:26)
DMT (2:55)
Six (3:56)
Magnolia Girl (3:09)
The Rest of Us (3:50)
Dirty Little Things (4:47)
Rhythm and Bones (2:26)
Happy (2:44)
Armageddon Road (2:28)

Radio Free Universe is:
– George Panagopoulos – Vocalist/Lyricist
Ryan Davie – Vocalist, Guitarist
Ashton Norman – Drummer
Adam Neumann – Backup Vocalist, Bassist