Welcome to the new Decade! As we kick off 2020, German stalwarts, Rage are heading towards their fourth decade in the business of making great music with the release of the new album – Wings Of Rage.

Founded in Spring 1983 in Herne, in Germany’s Ruhr region, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist Peavy Wagner has been through a number of guises. Few bands have as varied or prolific a back catalogue as Rage and the new incarnation continues to show that they too live up to the history that has been created. Peavy, along with colleagues Marcos Rodriguez (guitar) and Vassilios Maniatopoulos (drums) have created an album that summarises the diversity and experience of almost thirty seven years of band history, while adding their own DNA to the sound.

“The material on Wings Of Rage is as colourful as Rage’s history,” confirms Peavy, “Although it’s always connected with the distinct evolvement of our strengths, in other words: with a contemporary style of playing and an ultramodern sound.”

Most people by now, should have heard the singles released; True and Let Them Rest in Peace which have been out since October 2019. If these songs don’t have you salivating for what is in store, then there be something wrong with your aural receptors.

I just had to get this to review, once I had this album in my hot little hands, it immediately went onto repeat. As with most Rage albums, I find their songs have great hooks. This is a testament to the song writing skill of Peavy, with thought provoking lyrics that talk to a wide range of topics. On each replay I unpack a range of gems throughout the album as I can immerse myself in it on each subsequent listen.

Peavy, Marcos and Vassilios have brought together a gem of an album on their third outing together. The album really does cover every facet of Rage yet has more than enough of its own personality to show it is not a nostalgia trip.  For long-time fans there are a number of heavy, thrashy tracks with those typical powerful riffs that I associate with Rage.  These can be found with tracks such as True, Let Them Rest in Peace, the intense Don’t Let Me Down. Orchestral backed tracks can be found with A Nameless Grave and my favourite, Shine A Light.  For the lovers of traditional Rage power metal, you won’t be disappointed with Tomorrow and Chasing the Twilight Zone.  There is even an updated Higher Than The Sky off End Of All Days, now known as HTTS 2.0 that really does it justice.

So for all fans of Rage, this album will certainly keep you happy.  For those new to Rage, it will hook you in and likely take you through a range of emotions that lift you higher than the sky before pummelling you back down to earth with their power.

Wings Of Rage was produced by the band themselves, with Marcos taking care of the mix and mastering at Soundchaser Studio in Burscheid.  The cover was designed by Stan W. Decker who has worked with Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Primal Fear among others.

Wings Of Rage is out January 10 2020 through Steamhammer/SPV.  A world tour is in the pipeline and I pray that we will get an Australian leg, perhaps Download Festival Australia guys.  The February dates for the European leg have already been confirmed, more dates to follow soon.

Do yourself a favour and grab this album.


Peavy Wagner (vocals, bass)

Marcos Rodriguez (guitars)

Vassilios Maniatopoulos (drums)


Tour dates 2020:

25.01. DE-Wolfsburg – Break Your Neck Festival

05.02. DE-Mannheim – MS Connexion Complex

06.02. DE-Hamburg – tba

07.02. DE-Siegburg – Kubana

08.02. UK-London – The Underworld

09.02. FR-Colmar – Le Grillen

11.02. ES-Pamplona – Totem

12.02. ES-Barcelona – Boveda

13.02. FR-Lyon – CCO Villeurbanne

14.02. IT-Milano – Legend Club

15.02. DE-Memmingen – Kaminwerk

16.02. DE-Nürnberg – Hirsch

18.02. CH-Pratteln – Z7

19.02. AT-Vienna – Szene

20.02. SVK-Kosice -Colosseum

21.02. SVK-Zvolen – Dom Kultury ZSR

22.02. CZ-Prague – Nová Chmelnice

23.02. DE-Bochum – Zeche