Greetings, Mr Marshall, and thanks for taking part in the latest edition of Record Collection Dilemmas… Basically, the premise is this: Ten bands, thirty albums… and for reasons that haven’t been made clear you can only keep one from each band definitively, trade one for another from the band’s canon, and sell the third. Here are the bands and the albums – tell us which you’ll keep, trade or sell and the reasoning behind your decision…

First up is Black Sabbath – and the albums to pick between are Heaven and Hell, Born Again and Headless Cross.

“Keep –Heaven and Hell. The classic of all classics for me.
Trade – Headless Cross – another brilliant rebirth of a band needing one at that time.
Sell – Born Again. I think everyone should have stayed home the day this was recorded”.


I think Ian Gillan probably agrees with you! The second band for your consideration is Rush Caress of Steel, Power Windows and Hold Your Fire are the choices.

“I’m not a Rush fan… sell them all and buy beer!”


A good way to reinvest the reward, definitely… Iron Maiden are next with Killers, Powerslave and Virtual XI

“Keep – Powerslave.  An iconic album in every way – the ultimate Maiden.

Trade – Killers. Still brilliant, but a slight second to Powerslave.

Sell – Virtual XI. Use a beer coaster… Blaze (Bayley, vocals) was entirely the wrong fit for this band when you consider who they had access to”.


Yes. But, as we all know it’s Steve Harris’ band and once he’s made his mind up…  Moving on, let’s talk Metallica – Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets are your options to keep, trade or sell…

“Keep – Master of Puppets – the standard for anyone that came after, classic and timeless.

Trade – Ride The Lightning – I also LOVE Ride…, the greatest leap from any band I know from a debut.

Sell – Kill ‘Em All. This is a particularly tough list… love this album also!”


We never said this was a fair exercise! Maybe you’ll find Alice Cooper easier. What about Goes To Hell, Special Forces or Trash?

“Keep – Trash – it’s the only Alice album I know, great songs and Vinnie Moore!”


A little bit of extra beer money for the kitty! I’m sure you’ll have more to say about our sixth band, Judas Priest – will you keep Sad Wings of Destiny, Ram It Down or Nostradamus?

“Keep – Ram It Down. Controversial, but it’s one of my first Priest albums; Thunderous production and songs that could easily have worked on Painkiller!

Trade – Sad Wings of Destiny. Again, another true keeper, brilliant in every way but yeah – trade!

Sell – Nostradamus. I loved the tour for this album but it was a very long winded listen”


CONTROVERSY! That’s this game is all about! But I must admit I too have a sneaking regard for Ram It Down… Next we have pomp rockers Queen, with Queen II, The Game and Innuendo.

“Keep – II. I’ve gotta say this is only album I know from the list.


Fair enough! What about UK hard rock stalwarts UFO? Choose between Force It, No Place To Run or Sharks. “I’m not a fan of anything except Michael Schenker here. Sell all!”


A bit brutal, but you’re in charge. However we’re going to stay with the and the seventies and eighties with band number nine, which is Thin Lizzy Jailbreak, Chinatown  and Thunder and Lightning are the horns of this Lynott-based dilemma…

“Keep – Jailbreak.  Great album, intense guitar playing for the time.

Trade – Chinatown.  A tad under Jailbreak… but still classic. It’s a shame you didn’t mention Black Rose!

Sell – Thunder and Lightning. Although it had (guitarist John) Sykes I found it underwhelming”.


Finally we have American metal icons Queensrÿche, with Rage For Order, Hear In The Now Frontier or The Verdict…

“Keep Rage for Order – It’s the only album I know of these three”.

Another win for the booze fund! Some great answers here, thanks for taking part and for your honesty! “Thanks for this guys. This list has shown me I’m a little one eyed and also a little out of the loop on potential albums I should be listening to”.

Well, our mission here at Sentinel Daily is always to inform as well as entertain!

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