Taking place between June 30 and July 3 across multiple venues in South East Queensland with performances in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, Riffmageddon II is the ultimate homegrown stoner rock showcase!

Featuring from Western Australia – Giant Dwarf, from South Australia – Kitchen Witch, from Victoria – Planet of The 8s and from New South Wales – Human Dinosaur Machine.
And with additional ultra dope local features from South East Queensland’s underground scene, Riffmageddon has collected some of Australia’s rarest gems to share with their hometown heroes.


Planet of the 8s
Desert stoner rock based from Melbourne… Planet of the 8s have evolved over seven years to become one of Australia’s foremost desert/stoner rock outfits, delivering a visceral live set punctuated by deep grooves, harmonised melodic vocals and a thick wall of captivating riffs and lead guitar. Their sound has continually evolved and while influences like Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss are evident in the band’s older material, the Planets have brought progressive and doom elements into their more recent/upcoming releases, with a nod to bands like Tool, Lowrider and Elephant Tree. Performing material from their upcoming split for Ripple music, 2021’s EP Lagrange Point and more, Planet of the 8s are not to be missed!

Kitchen Witch
SA Music award winning, red-dust desert rock outfit Kitchen Witch is Australia’s answer to both the California desert/stoner rock scene and Europe’s stoner/prog/psych circuit. Hailing from the driest state in the driest country in the world, this band is not just desert rock by name. Their latest LP Earth and Ether, which debuted at number three on the Australian Independent Record Album Charts and number eleven on the worldwide Doom Charts is available now through Berlin-based Kozmik Artifactz records.

In 2013, Kitchen Witch formed and soon recorded the double A-side single Shock/Beer Swilling Baby. 2015 saw the release of the Trouble EP, a five track blues-rock release which attracted thousands of plays online and featured on the globally distributed Classic Rock Magazine. Then in 2016, Kitchen Witch recorded the darker Back To The Mud EP at Studio Finetime, showing a heavier side to the group that is evident in their live shows.

On the strength of these releases, Kitchen Witch signed with Berlin-based record label Kozmik Artifactz in 2017 and released selected tracks from these EPs as a full-length self-titled vinyl release. For their second Kozmik Artifactz record, the band released their follow-up album Earth and Ether in August 2020. Recorded at Ghostnote Studios in South Australia, the new record is available worldwide only as digital and vinyl editions. It’s live debut was an online virtual gig, streamed live to fans all over Australia and the world, from the desert in Cali to the snow in Denmark. Kitchen Witch continues to go from strength to strength with their unique powerful twist of blues and soul, seventies rock, desert psychedelia and stoner doom.

Giant Dwarf
Giant Dwarf are five West-Aussie blokes who have been throwing a mix of seventies-to-nineties fuzz, psych, doom and blues into a melting pot they refer to as sun-baked heavy psych.

Following the release of their 2019 self titled debut, Giant Dwarf have signed with Euro label Sound Effect Records, supported a handful of international touring acts including Truckfighters, Yawning Man and Corrosion of Confirmity and released a new single, TV Witch at the end of 2021.

During the Western Australia “jailstate” lockdown of 2020-2022 the Dwarf have taken residence at Perth’s Pavement Studios to craft their follow up LP, rumoured to be a concept album. Influences for the next chapter are a lot more varied than the familiar QOTSA/Kyuss likenings, channeling a longer song length, blended arrangements, sci-fi elements and synthesizers. Fans of the usual stoner/fuzz tones will hear accompanying shades of Elder, Uncle Acid, High on Fire, All Them Witches, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and ZZ Top.

Giant Dwarf have been hungry to get out of WA since 2020, do not miss this four day window of opportunity to see them live!

Death By Carrot
Deep Psychonautic Earthborn grooves, descending from the Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd side of the Rock ‘n’ Roll tree. In Gina we rolled around Australia carrying Black Marsha, sharing our original and organic 100 proof Riffs; seeking kindred spirits.


Rhino are here to bring the riffs… A five piece rock engine blasting out of Brisbane, playing high energy, heavy riff based rock n roll… Riffs… RhinoRiffs…

The Australians in Fumarole are crafting heavy rock inspired by bands like Orange Goblin and Earthless, by dark creatures and bleak futures.

Need a little something to shake your ass to while the world burns to the ground? Try Gutterfire! One hundred per cent guaranteed to get you out of your seat and moving.

Vibrations From The Void
Aural equivalent of a freight train mounted with an air-raid siren adorned with disco balls. Rock band hailing from Brisbane, Australia

Krave are a dynamically expressive hard rock/metal band that will leave you in a state of craze and bone buzzing adrenaline through their heavy riffs.

Kentucky Green
Stoner blues trio formed in Brisbane in 2019 combining the heavy blues of Black Sabbath and Buffalo with the de-tuned riffs of Sleep and Kyuss.

Heavy desert/psych rock

Khan meld hazy psychedelia and heavy stoner riffs with progressive rhythms and song structures.

Old Home
Conceived in February 2016 as a platform for the performance of poetry and spontaneous composition, Old Home is taking its first steps towards the mother’s arms.

HDM – Human Dinosaur Machine
Human Dinosaur Machine’s writing motivation has always been a brutalised, honest look at all the fun highs and sad lows regarding well being and mental health and the music strongly reflects this.

On the outskirts of Gotham city (aka surfers paradise) a piss drinkin’, bi-aged, quadruplet called Rinser are calling upon their ancestors to guide them on their quest to find the perfect, potent blend of classic rock, heavy blues and guitar driven groove in a deep space exploration of the subconscious.

What started out as a recording project with the release of our debut album Snuffbox in 2014 has led to gigs aplenty in our pursuit of all things of a grungy nature. With the release of ‘Zodiac’ we enter a new phase of the Kai…